Adding blog posts

I love to write. I also like to read. Would people want to read the things I write? What kind of posts would people want to read?

Most of the blogs I read are about photography. That is because I love reading and learning from other people’s experiences related to photography. Since I love to write and could use the practice, I have decided to start posting on my website in the form of blog posts. I will probably open them up to comments as well. I mean, what fun is it to just write but not allow people to comment? Since this my website related to photography, my blog posts to this site will all be related to the craft of photography.

With this in mind, look for more blog posts in the near future. Once in the swing of things I’m sure I can come up with many things to write about. Have something of interest in mind you would like me to explore and write about. Just email me at email to Steve.


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