Hello and welcome to my site.

My interest in photography began in my early teen years as I fondly recall my first camera – a second hand Yashica 35mm, purchased at a local pawn shop! I saw it in the window and I just had to have it. I saved for what seemed like years but was able to go back and purchase it. I was hooked instantly and even purchased enough darkroom equipment to get started doing a little bit of black & white print development.

Over the years I drifted away from photography but came back through another set of hobbies, well probably a culmination of several. It started with computers, specifically personal computers. I was interested in processing video on personal computers having been introduced earlier to the Commodore Amiga and the Video Toaster. That was some cool stuff and I wanted in.

By the time I got my first video camera the Amiga had died off and been replaced by the mighty IBM-compatible personal computer. I also had a new hobby that centered around aviation that took me to many airports with video and point and shoot cameras in hand, pre-911 of course. I accumulated lots of video footage and pictures, struggling to get capture cards configured and integrated with the software. Unfortunately, the PC’s of those days could hardly keep up with the high demands of photo and video processing which led to many crashes, lost projects and hours of work not to mention frustration. I thought this stuff was supposed to be FUN?

Since I had been using Adobe Premiere (bundled with capture cards back then) I was given the opportunity to upgrade to a software suite which included Photoshop. I was immediately impressed by the power of this software. I’ve used Adobe products for much of my work since then. Fortunately, the PC’s got faster, the software more bloated, video went fully digital meaning no more capture cards required (finally) and I upgraded all my photo and video gear, going fully digital. Media Madness had begun….

Fast forward to today and I’m still making and consuming digital media bytes and loving every minute of it. Good thing storage for all those bytes keeps getting larger and cheaper!

Stay tuned


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